Precious Metal Recovery, Aquasafe

AquaSafe is a very unique product with a wide spectrum of precious metal recovery equipment uses and users. Our turnkey precious metal recovery equipment systems fill a niche where it does not make sense to engineer an enormous precious metal recovery equipment or wastewater system. With Aqua Safe, precious metal recovery is done in one step in a single tank. Rarely is pre­treatment necessary. Wastewater is pumped into the tank to the appropriate volume. Vigorous mixing is initiated and then the dry powder formulation is added in correct amount (determined by our lab). After about two minutes of agitation, the mixer is shut off and flocculation and settling begins immediately.

Depending on tank size, but usually within ten to thirty minutes, the floc has settled to a dense sludge, leaving clear liquid above. After decanting, clarified water, coolants or cleaners are ready to be reused. Sludge is ready for drying and disposal.

The system is easily automated and requires no skilled personnel for operation. Aqua Safe is non­hazardous, easily handled and has a long shelf life. Existing systems and equipment can usually be utilized or retrofitted. Specialized equipment or complete turnkey precious metal recovery equipment and wastewater treatment systems are available from Bel Air.

ModelTreatment TypeTreatment CapacityHolding CapacityShipping WeightElectrical
WTS-30AJBATCH3030155110-220V / 1 Phase
WTS-55AJBATCH5555175110-220V / 1 Phase
WTS-55AJC*BATCH5555200220V / 1 Phase
WTS-120 AJBATCH1201490300110-220V / 1 Phase
WTS-150 IN-LINECONTINUOUS150 GPHN/A475220 -240V/3 Phase
WTS-300 IN-LINECONTINUOUS300 GPHN/A580220 -240V/3 Phase

Aquasafe is a fast, efficient, economical and easy to use wastewater treatment technology for a variety of industrial wastewaters. It provides a dense, non leachable sludge and clear water usually suitable for recycling or discharge.

What works and what does not work:
Aqua Safe’s unique chemistry provides a rapid and efficient encapsulation and separation in a wide spectrum of wastewaters. In most cases, it is only necessary to indentify the appropriate blend, dosage and equipment, perhaps with simple pre­treatment chemistry. However, Aqua Safe will not remove certain soluble organic chemicals, sugars, starches or alcohols (including glycols.)

How it Works:
Aqua Safe causes a series of chemical and physical reactions which result in contaminants being encapsulated in a developing floc, which then sinks to the bottom of the vessel.

The Aqua Safe wastewater treatment results in a mass that both encapsulates and removes contaminants. The clarified liquid is decanted and filtered, sludge is then filtered and collected. Drying can be accomplished with any appropriate dewatering technology. Clarified water, coolant or cleaner is recycled, dried sludge is sent to a landfill according to local regulations.

WW-100is an all-purpose product that works quickly and dramatically in many situations. For this reason, it is the first product to try in a demonstration or test.
WW-200is particularly efficacious in vibratory finishing, tumbling or cleaning wastewaters. It takes a little longer to floc in, but in many cases, is an excellent choice.
WW-300has proven to be very good in most oily water or grease situations. It needs more time to floc than the previously mentioned blends. May result in a lower pH.
WW-380another blend to try if the others do not work well. Sometimes, under some wastewater conditions, this is a functional blend.
WW-250a new product that works under many conditions. It takes longer to floc but often produces a superior sludge.
WW-450slurry useful in oily water situations or with large flow rates. It can break emulsions and start to floc by itself but is best used with WW-600.
WW-400slurry a flocculating aid and, sometimes, a treatment of first choice. It is used in lightly contaminated wastewaters or waters with suspended solids. Needs WW-600 for flocculation. If a floc from an Aqua Safe treatment is a little fluffy, it sometimes does not quite settle and a drop or so of WW-400 may tighten up the floc and effect rapid settling and separation.