Waste Water Treatment

Bel Air’s wastewater treatment systems allow for recirculation, closed loop, & safe disposal of water used in tumbling operations. We offer ultrafiltration systems and centrifugal sludge separation systems for ultrasonic waste streams as well as deburring and polishing effluent.

AquaSafe™ Small Economy Series

AquaSafe™ Small Economy Series

We offer our small and compact AquaSafe™ flocculent based systems for the streatment of small batches at the machining center, to large scale semi-atuomated systems for centralized large volume processing. These systems can be closed-looped, which reduces the amount of water used and can eliminate the need for waste water permitting and regulation.

Ultrafiltration™ Large Series


Ultrafiltration Large Series systems bring compact wastewater disposal/reuse technology to manufacturing facilities. Designed for waste volumes of up to 1,500 gallons per day (GPD), these economical systems allow for simple, continuous operation with a minimum of energy and operator involvement.

Ultrafiltration™ Economy Portable Series

ultrafiltration system portable

Our portable Ultrafiltration typically recover up to 98% of the effluent, yielding dramatic savings in chemicals, and reducing the amount of hazardous materials that must be disposed of.

Manual Batch Series

manual series

Centrifuge Sludge Separator Manual Model for sludge removal from wastewater. These units use centrifugal force to separate solids from liquid and de-water the sludge.


auto cetrifuge wastewater treatment

Centrifuge Sludge Separator Aquasafe Large Series for sludge removal from wastewater. These units use centrifugal force to separate solids from liquid and de-water the sludge.

Metal Recovery

precious metal recovery systems

Aqua Safe systems is a very unique product with a wide spectrum of precious metal recovery equipment uses and users. Our turnkey precious metal recovery equipment systems fill a niche where it does not make sense to engineer an enormous precious metal recovery equipment or wastewater system. With Aqua Safe, precious metal recovery is done in one step in a single tank.

Bel Air offers refining services =. Send us a sample of your scrap for evaluation.


Wastewater treatment equipment - evaporator

Bel Air’s evaporators are designed to economically reduce wastewater disposal quantities by evaporating water from parts washer solutions, water-soluble coolants, ink wastes, and compressor and mop water.