Medical Grade Finishing Media


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Bel Air came up with a finishing method using unique media that could address the intricate surface features of the implants. This resulted in the creation of our Drag Finishing system for femorals, which operates on various parts simultaneously and in three dimensions ensuring a consistent finish across the entire product surface. This innovative method pioneered by Bel Air has become a widely adopted standard finishing process in the medical field globally.

Femoral Specific Process

Medical Media Step 1

Step 1: Wet Grinding

[C-MM 04 D]

The first step removes all cutter, or grinding lines from the machining process and prepares the surface for the pre-polish step.

Medical Media Step 2

Step 2: Pre-Polish (Wet Operation)

[R-MM-6 Mix]

This second step refines the surface that was generated by the coarse Step 1: Wet Grinding. This prepares the surface for Step 3, which is dry polishing by machine, or by hand.

Medical Media Step 3

Step 3: Polish (Dry Operation)

[D-MM 18-300]

This final step done in dry treated shell or cob. Produces the ultimate reflecting polished surface.

Apatitic Abrasive Blasting Media for Medical Parts

Apatitic Abrasive


Apatitic Abrasive is a granular, multi-phase calcium phosphate. Grit-blasting can create complex surface morphologies on dental, medical, and orthopedic implants by providing precise control in the rendering of a textured surface. This soluble abrasive avoids contaminants introduced via traditional grit-blast media and can be used to produce an intricate biocompatible surface for enhanced osseointegration.

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