Jewelry Finishing

Bel Air’s 3-step metal jewelry finishing process is simple to execute, and produces superior results on brass, pewter, bronze, silver, gold. etc.

Attempting to finish metal jewelry, either individually or mass finishing, without the proper tools can lead to extremely long and inefficient cycles, with the possibility of damaging your goods.

Follow these instructions to reach your desired low energy, or high energy, vibratory finish on all jewelry castings or stamping!

Easy 3-Step Process

Step 1: Wet Grinding

Wet Jewelers Mix goes into your finishing machine: R-CM1000 is jewelry specialized super grinding media, normally used on castings or rough surfaces. Fastest cutting media available.

This step will remove very little metal, and is required to smooth your rough areas. Do not move onto step 2 until all rough areas have been smoothed.

Step 2: Pre-Polish

Wet Jewelers Mix: R-CM600 prepolishing media, normally used after wet grinding media for castings or rough surfaces. Can be used as step 1 for stampings or smooth starting surface.

Your jewelry pieces should have a bright matte finish at the end of your pre-polish cycle.

Step 3: (Pick One Option)

 a) Wet Burnish

Wet burnishing media is a finishing technique in which a liquid lubricant, typically water or a specialized burnishing compound, is applied to a workpiece to reduce friction and enhance smoothness, resulting in a polished and refined surface texture. Bel Air’s C-CP mix is specialized to produce desired results in the wet burnish process.

b) Dry Polish

Dry polishing media is a surface finishing process that involves using abrasive materials without the use of any liquid or water-based lubricants. Bel Air’s D-WS 18 300 ground and processed coconut husks are used for light grinding and polishing of many substrates, such as: gold. sliver, titanium, stainless steel, etc.

c) Steel Polish

steel polishing media

Stainless steel polishing media is a process used to improve the surface quality of materials. Bel Air’s SS-JM of spheres, pins and balloons, have a smooth rolling action enabling them to easily roll around and through parts to produce a cleaning and blending action. They will not nick or scratch parts. The mix give good contact in all areas of your part.

Media Compounds for cleaning, rust prevention, lubrication and overall brightness of parts

Treatment Additives

Compounds used for all jewelry products and materials. Specifically designed for cleaning polishing compound. Mix to 10-15% concentration.

Product CodeFormApplicationCarriers
MB #4ALiquidGeneral purpose. Develops natural color on casting and produces clear brilliant look. Excellent for cut-down of any material using ceramic or plastic media. 2-4 oz. per gallon. Contains light rust inhibiters.All Metals & Plastics
MB #56LiquidBall burnishing compound for superior brightness on most metals. Excellent in combination with steel shot or porcelain media. 1-2 oz. per gallon.Stainless Steel, Steel, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Sterling
MB #82LiquidJewelry ultrasonic cleaner. Alkaline cleaner for all metals including; gold, silver, platinum. Excellent for cleaning polishing compounds. Operating conditions: 2-10% by volume, 130-190° F.All Metals
D-ADD-18PdPowderSmoothing and polishing of all materials. Used in wet operation.CERAMIC, PLASTIC