D-DC 400 Maxi Hone, Honing/Edge-Prep Media

Honing/Edge-Prep Media

D-DC 400 Maxi Hone Our fastest and most aggressive honing media. Works well for carbide and HSS tools.

Special 1-Step Home/Polish

Honing and Edge Prep. Characteristics

Media CompositionD-WS 37ALOX SMALOX W6ALOX P46DC 400

Polishing Characteristics

Media CompositionD-WS 37D-WS 18D-WS 75

Media Overview

B-ALOX W6 Edge-Prep

This aggressive edge-prep media is for a larger radius, and works well on all materials.

Dry Operation

Mini Hone Offers less honing in exchange for some surface finishing. Works well for carbide and HSS tools.

Dry Operation

Aggressive edge-prep similar to B-ALOX W6 (above), but for smaller radius. Works well on all materials.

Dry Operation

D-WS 75-300
Polishing/Honing This media will provide a very good polish with some edge hone, even on coated tools.

Dry Operation, Diamond Impregnated

D-WS 18-400 Maxi Polish
This is our highest quality tool polishing media, able to obtain the highest degree of polish on all materials, whether coated or uncoated.

Dry Operation

Tool Polishing Media

D-WS 37-100 1-Step Hone/Polish
This specially formulated media will provide edge-break and flute polish in a simple, one-step process on all materials, including coated tools. A versatile time saver.

Dry Operation

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