Vibratory Tumbler Media & Supplies

Bel Air develops & distributes all types of tumbler media including ceramic tumbler media, corn cob media, abrasive media, synthetic media, and even items for plastic media blasting. We also hold media supplies in the form of compounds, additive pastes, creams, separators, classifiers, and storage options.

Media Types


Manufactured to our own formulated specifications, containing only the finest raw materials available. Plastic tumbling media is used with finishing equipment for surface preparation and improvement on most metals, such as aluminum, brass, copper, and zinc, as well as plastic. Plastic media will reduce distortion, impingement, and burr roll-over while producing excellent finishes prior to plating and or painting. Fine finishes and aggressive cutting can be achieved. 

ceramic media

Ceramic media is used within the metal and plastics finishing industry for deburring, surface preparation and improvement on most metals such as steel, stainless steel, and other hard metals and materials. As ceramic media has a higher density than plastic, very aggressive material removal with short time cycles is possible.


Bel Air steel and stainless steel finishing media are ideal for edge radius, descaling, de-flashing metal and plastic, removing die lines, pre-plate finishing, degreasing, cleaning and burnishing. When used in finishing equipment, stainless steel media actually improves part surfaces and provides substantial operating economies over other manufacturing methods.

dry polishing media

Our dry media has been developed over years of production experience. There are several main factors that we address to choose the correct media with the best performance. CUT, or GRIND is the factor that determines the ability to deburr or reduce rough surfaces. COLOR, or POLISH is the factor that determines the ability to brighten or polish the work piece. Size and density relate to the efficiency of the process.

Dry deburring media

Bel Air’s ECO-FLEX™ dry tumbling media, is an innovative way of finishing parts. Our main initiative has been to eliminate the associated problems of product waste water. ECO-FLEX, has a density higher than most plastic and other dry medias, resulting in faster finishing times. No water or compounds are needed, therefore no
effluent is created. ECO-FLEX is self-cleaning, eliminating the need for treating, dressing or metal impregnation. It comes in a multitude of preformed shapes and sizes, ideal for any project!


Our Tool Honing Media contains the finest materials necessary for the processing of all types of cutting tools. These specific media groupings are great for improvement on edge honing of cutting tools, as well as the polishing of cutting tool coatings. The formulation give degrees of finishing, used in automated and traditional drag finishing machines.

cobalt chrome femoral after

Bel Air came up with a finishing method using unique media that could address the intricate surface features of the implants. This resulted in the creation of our Drag Finishing system for femorals, which operates on various parts simultaneously and in three dimensions ensuring a consistent finish across the entire product surface. This innovative method pioneered by Bel Air has become a widely adopted standard finishing process in the medical field globally.


Bel Air’s abrasive grit blasting, wet blasting, and sand blast media, is used in surface treatment processes in a variety of different industries with many diverse purposes. Abrasive blasting is the process by which an abrasive media is accelerated through a blasting nozzle by means of compressed air.


Copper pre-formed media is used in vibratory and high energy finishers as tumbler media for a burnished finish. The small angular shape allows it to reach into fine geometries. Commonly used for aerospace engine components.

Additive manufacturing requires the proper 3D post processing media to improve surface quality and achieve a visually pleasing finish for metal and plastic parts. We supply post processing media to support all of your post processing needs.


Jewelry tumbling media is ideal for processes such as jewelry polishing and deburring. These processes are suitable for precision rings, watches parts, clocks, pendants, necklaces, pearls, eyewear frames, bracelets, amber, and many more. As a well-established manufacture of jewelry tumbling media, we have designed a wide range of tumbling media that can be used for getting precision results on your jewelry. These media types include ceramic, plastic, zirconia ball, stainless steel, dry media, walnut shells, and 3P granules.

Media Support, Handling & Compounds



Compounds are an integral part of any finishing process, keeping the process media and parts clean.

Media Storage Units

Media Classifiers maintain tumbler media sizes which is very important to keep machines & processes functioning properly

Media Classifiers/Separators


Bel Air Finishing offers media support in the form of Media Classifiers to maintain tumbler media sizes which is very important to keep machines & processes functioning properly, and to avoid media lodging in the work pieces. Classifying media allows for a stricter validation to all processes in all industries.