Finish Master DF 2000 – 4 Head Drag Finisher

DF 2000

Brochure Download

Brochure Download

The FMDF 2000T offers a higher processing capacity than any other drag finishing machine in its class!

This versatile machine is available with 4 heads, and is capable of processing up to 40 tools at a time! With the optional 4-position tool holders, the machine can process up to 36 tools up to 2″ in diameter, or even larger with custom tooling!

When purchased as part of the tool package you get Four 10 position third-axis tool holders that are able to accept our standard collets which can hold tools up to 1-1/8″ in dia. Of course, larger collets are available. A total of 30 tools can be processed in this machine with our standard line tools holders.

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