Cutting Tool Edge Prep & Coating Polishing

Bel Air provides tool polishing & tool honing drag finishing systems for customers manufacturing and refinishing cutting tools. Edge prep, edge radius, & coating polishing on carbide & high-speed steel drills, tabs, endmills, inserts, & other cutting tools using our drag, wave, & stream finishing technology.

Other than the geometry, the most critical components of any cutting tool, be it an end mill, tap, drill, or insert, are the condition and quality of the edge and flutes.

  1. Edge Honing: For both coated and uncoated tools, edge condition is critical. Introducing a slight radius of between .0002 and .001 inches in diameter can increase cutting speed and extend tool life exponentially.
  2. Polishing: Most coating methods produce microscopic “droplets” on the tool surface, invisible to the naked eye. Polishing the tool’s surface removes these droplets, allowing it to run cooler at higher speeds, as well as improve life and performance.

Take a look at our many process examples below.

Process Technology Examples

Edge Prep Carbide End Mill

The customer wanted these jewelry pendants to be polished and cut down. The centrifugal disc finisher was used to accomplish this.