Tool Honing

With our drag finishing technology, Bel Air offers full cutting tool edge prep & coating polishing solutions for your cutting tools, complete with tool honing and tool polishing media. Extend tool life by up to 300%! Automated stream finishing for tool honing and tool polishing is available.

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tool honing equipment

We offer a wide range of drag finishing machines, from 2 head to 6 head models, as well our AutoHone™ robotic reverse drag/stream finisher.

Honing & Polishing Process

drill bits with honed edges

Cutting tool edge-prep, or honing, involves radiusing the tool edge to reduce its sharpness. Drag finishing technology has also proven to be another cost-effective and time-efficient method for polishing cutting tool coatings.


tool honing equipment, auto hone

The Bel Air AutoHone™ is a robotic honing and polishing machine that employs Bel Air’s tried-and-true reverse drag finishing technology, also known in the industry as stream finishing. This LABOR FREE process allows for a complete, even, and repeatable process that neither hand finishing nor other types of equipment are able to achieve.


tool honing media

Bel Air offers a wide selection of processing media for tool honing and polishing, based on our extensive laboratory testing.

Process Technology Examples

Example of honing and polishing process on cutting tools

Bel Air offers free sample processing for your tools. Our new 35,000 sq. ft facility includes a state of the art process laboratory. We will be happy to process your samples in ourder to prove the benefits of our equipment and the tool edge-prep process.

Drag Finisher Tooling

tool honing equipment, auto hone

One of the most important aspects of cutting tool edge-prep and polishing in the drag finishing process is using the proper tooling fixtures to hold the tools to be processed. Bel Air can provide custom holders and collets to fit your particular application.

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