Plastic Media Information and Specs

Plastic Media used for surface finishing, achieves fine finishes and aggressive cutting

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Manufactured to our own formulated specifications, containing only the finest raw materials available. Low density media is used within the metal industry for surface preparation and improvement on most metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, and zinc as well as plastic. Low density media will reduce distortion, impingement and burr roll-over while producing excellent finishes prior to plating and or painting. Fine finishes as well as aggressive cutting can be achieved.

Low Density Preformed Media

R-400An extremely long wearing media with very little abrasion specially formulated for precious metal burnishing. Weighs approximately 60lbs per cubic foot. The color is white.
R-500An extremely long wearing media specifically formulated for fine finishing of non-ferrous metals. This media will provide excellent pre plate surfaces on zinc and aluminum parts. Weighs approximately 60lbs per cubic foot. Color is natural. *Special Order Only
R-600A lightweight, long wearing media. Excellent for pre plate finishing. Provides very low micro-inch surfaces on most metals. Weighs approximately 65lbs per cubic foot . Color is green. PH7
R-650A light to medium cutting media. Provides excellent pre-paint finishes on plastic and achieves good pre-plate finishes on most metals. Weighs approximately 65lbs per cubic foot . Color is beige. PH7
R-700An all-around general purpose media with good cutting and wear rate qualities. This media contains fine abrasives to allow faster cutting time cycles while still maintaining a high finish standard. For use on ferrous and non-ferrous components. Weighs approximately 65lbs per cubic foot. Color is red. PH7
R-800A blend of coarser abrasives to provide faster burr removal while maintaining a good finish and reasonable wear rate. For use on most metals. Weighs approximately 65lbs per cubic foot . Color is blue. PH7
R-900A fast-cutting media containing aluminum oxide abrasive. To be used where heavy cut down and surface blending is required but higher wear-rate is not a factor. Weighs approximately 75lbs per cubic foot . Color is brown. PH7
R-1250A fast cutting media composed of a blend of coarser abrasives. To be used for rapid cut-down when aluminum oxide impregnation cannot be tolerated and a fine surface finish is not required. Weighs approximately 70lbs per cubic foot . Color is black.
PH7 *Special Order Only

High Density Preformed Media

A completely NEW AND IMPROVED line of fast cutting polyester media, designed and formulated to provide a wider range of surface finishes. It contains agents that improve overall performance considerably which are technically superior to resin bonded media and urea formaldehyde media. Our new and improved media also has an average bulk density of 100lbs per cubic foot. This represents over 35% higher density than standard plastic media and 20% higher density than most ceramic media. It has been designed to reduce standard plastic media process time by 50% while improving surface finish, without additional cost. It will also cut as fast as ceramic most ceramic media but will produce a superior surface finish without hardening the metal surface. When used with proper water and compound flow rate, our new media reduces foaming and allows faster settlement of solids. It will produce a clean, surface finish on ferrous, non-ferrous, or plastic components. It will not fragment and is currently available in more than thirty shapes and sizes.

R1000-HDDesignated to greatly reduce cycle times while producing a superlative pre-plate finish and very low R.M.S. surface finish. An extremely clean media during and after processing. Formulated with zircon abrasives for fine finishing of all ferrous, non-ferrous, and plastic components. Weighs approximately 95lbs per cubic foot. The color is tan
R-2000-HDDesigned as an extremely fast cutting media suitable for all materials. It produces low R.M.S. surface and superior preplate finishes. It contains no aluminum oxide and should be used when the wear rate is not a prime factor. Weighs approximately 100lbs per cubic foot. The color is gray. PH7
R-3000-HDDesigned for use on components such as stainless steel, forgings, and titanium. It is also suitable for use on most base metals, plastics, and produces a very low R.M.S. finish. Weighs approximately 100lbs per cubic foot. The color is Blue. PH7
R-4000-HDDesignated for low Ra finishing, especially aerospace turbine and compressor blades. This media is very clean in process and can be used on all metals and plastic components. Weighs approximately 95lbs per cubic foot. The color is Ivory. PH7


Cutting and Deburring

Preformed Plastic Media Composition*R-400R-600R-700R-900


Preformed Plastic Media CompositionR-1250R-800R-700R-400