watch component before post-processing


Watch component after processing


To develop a new technique for mass finishing and coloring injected molded dice for Pokemon

IndustryConsumer Goods
Part DescriptionGame Dice
Fabrication Method Cast/Molded
MaterialPlastics, Machined
Process TechnologyMultiple Methods
Equipment TypeAutomated Finishing

Bel Air helped Royer Manufacturing to develop a complete dice product for their contract with Pokemon for making game dice.  Bel Air helped Royer develop proper mold gating to facilitate mass finishing of the molded dice as well as ultrasonic cleaning, spin drying.  Bel Air also helped develop a new technique for spin coating the dice to fill the number indentations and subsequently mass finish to highlight and polish the final product.

If you are unsure what equipment and media you require to achieve your desired surface finish, then send us your part, and we will evaluate it and provide you with a metrology report.