Vibratory Finishers, Tub Trough

2.5 cu ft. Portable

Vibratory tub, portable model

Heavy duty portable tub vibratory finisher 2.5 cu ft with flow-through capability. Eliminate burrs and flash. Descale, clean, polish, degrease virtually any finishing requirement. Portable, compact, self contained, swivel casters. Affordable, no training required, no full time operator, ships ready to use, handles from small to large parts. Outside caddy allows recirculation or flow through. Easy access finishing waste water disposal and fill compound tank. Caddy folds up for storage. Steel construction, 1 inch urethane lining in wear area, sound cover. MADE IN THE USA

FMT-03/06 Series
3.0 & 6.5 cu ft.

Vibratory tub, built in flow through system

Large volume tub vibratory finishers in 3 & 6 cu. ft. capacity. Both machines feature a 5 inch discharge door with trough, heavy gauge steel construction with rust preventative enamel paint, sound reduction covers, anchor bolts, polyurethane liners, and fluid recirculation systems including a pump, fluid container, and all necessary hoses and fittings.

Batch Vibratory

FMT 14 Vibe

Bel Air offers heavy-duty single or dual shaft vibratory tub finishers ranging from 3 to 35 cu. ft. in capacity.

Continuous and End-Discharge Tub Vibes

Continuous Tub Vibe

Bel Air offers custom end discharge and continuous tub type vibes configured to your requirments.

To see a sampling, click on the link below, or contact us for more specific requirements or a quotation based on your needs.