FMT Series Horizontal Tumblers

Horizontal tumbler machine for large parts

Bel Air now offers large horizontal tumblers for larger parts, and we can build custom models to fit any need.

FMG Series Table Top Oblique Tilt Tumblers

FMG 10 AJA -Oblique Tumblers

Small compact tilt tumblers ranging from .18 cu. ft. to up to 1/3 cu. ft. heavy-duty reversing models. All come with interchangeable and replaceable barrels.

These heavy-duty machines are made in the USA.

TL Rotary Tumbler Barrels

Various sized Rotary Tumbler Barrels for two or three bar tumbler

A variety of tumbler barrel sizes is available for our TL series rotary parts tumblers. They feature stainless steel construction, with rubber lids.

FM-TLB-2 Mini Rotary Tumbler

Two bar bench top mini rotary tumbler

Two bar bench top rotary parts tumbler base. Wear resistant polyethelene. Built for heavy-duty ball burnishing, polishing and deburring.

FM-TLB-2 Rotary Tumbler

Two bar bench top mini rotary tumbler

Two bar bench top mid-size rotary parts tumbler base. Three barrel unit will handle a variety of barrel combinations.

FM-TLB-3 Rotary Tumbler

3 bar bench top multi barrel parts tumbler

This 3-bar benchtop multi-barrel rotary parts tumbler base with eight (8) barrels offers maximum versatility.

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