Ultrasonic Cleaners, Table Top & Tank

FCP Economical Series

Tabletop Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner, 1.5 gallon capacity

Bransonic CPXH heated ultrasonic baths are the most technologically advanced ultrasonic baths available. With programmable features, digital operation with power tracking capabilities to adjust for light or heavy loads, high/low power control, degassing and sleep mode, the CPXH is the most verstile system available.

FM-CU Industrial Series

Industrial Series Ultrasonic Cleaner, batch tank consists of generator and transducerized cleaning tank

The standard batch tank is the simplest ultrasonic cleaning system available. It consists of an ultrasonic generator and a transducerized cleaning tank. The transducerized tank is constructed of stainless steel, with the transducer elements bonded to the tank bottom. The ultrasonic energy is directed upward through the tank.