Poly/Stainless Baskets

Poly Stainless Baskets in different sizes

We create polypropylene and poly/stainless baskets for use in plating, dipping, spin dryers and material handling operations. Our baskets are durable and dependable at the best competitive price on the market. Polypro and stainless steel baskets for New Holand and Nobles spin dryers are available. We produce this product in a variety of material types and sizes. For more information regarding sizes and materials call, or email, us and a Bel Air representitive will get back to you as soon as possible.

Blank Designs

Polypro is resistant to many chemicals used in industrial plating operations, and, in some cases, can be used in place of heavier carbon steel and stainless steel baskets. We use A patented ‘0’ bottom cross piece that improves the structural integrity of the baskets, while the poly/stainless design helps them hold up longer, at about half the weight of a stainless steel basket.

Material Types and Sizes

Stainless steel basket for centrifugal spin dryer

Stainless Steel basket

Poly stainless basket for centrifugal spin dryer

Poly stainless basket for centrifugal spin dryer