Parts Cleaners / Dryers

Bel Air’s array of parts cleaners & parts dryers includes ultrasonic cleaning units. Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency sound waves (Ultra sound) for cleaning contaminants from intricate machine parts. Water-based solutions are composed of water and detergent. The solution are used for cleaning dirt, grime, light to high duty and where high sprays are required.

Parts washers use various methods and remove contaminants from machine parts. They can include brushing, soaking, agitating, rinsing and vacuum vapor degreasing.

Ultrasonic Cleaners, Table Top & Tank

Tabletop Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner, 1.5 gallon capacity

Ultrasonic Cleaners,  Consoles

Ultrasonic cleaning console

Cleaning Systems

3D Printing Post-Processing Parts Dunker

Hot Air Dryers


Vacuum Vapor Degreaser

parts dryer

Heated Cob Dryers

Conduction heated cob parts dryer, models are between four and twenty eight cubic feet

Centrifugal Spin Dryers

Table Top Spin Dryer, 6 x 6 basket capacity

Parts Baskets & Racks

Poly Stainless Baskets in different sizes

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