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FMSL 8T & 22T Benchtop Centrifugal Disc Finisher

High Energy Centrifugal Disc Finisher, Table Top, Eight Liter

Brochure Download

Brochure Download

Bel Air’s FMSL 8T and 22T centrifugal disc finisher are ideal for precision deburring of all types of stamped or machined parts. It excels in finishing conventional materials such as brass, copper, steel, and aluminum, as well as alloys such as kovar, inconel, stainless steel, and titanium, among others. Centrifugal disc finishing technology enables deburring into grooves and corners where conventional vibratory or tumble methods fall short.

Cycle times for processes are up to 10 timesshorter than that of lower energy equipment.

Flat parts with thickness as low as .012″ can be processed. Hollow parts with wall thickness as low as .003″ can be gently deburred or polished.

The FMSL 8T and 22T are both low-maintenance and easy to use, and has field replaceable wear parts. Its balance between size and finishing flexibility make it ideal for the micro electronic and medical industries.

The small, compact benchtop design offers the same features as the full sized FMSL floor models, without the large footprint. An optional mobile cart with a recirculation tank turns the 8T into a fully mobile system, for ultimate flexibility.

Specially designed gap systems between the rotating disc and the chamber top allow for the use of finest polishing and grinding media.

The twist gap adjustment method provides simple gap adjustment within the hundredth range without additional tools, reducing downtime and costs. A complete PU interior lining in the gap area ensures that there will be no damage to work pieces. Wear components are easily serviced by your maintenance personnel, using basic hand tools. Replacement takes just minutes, minimizing production downtime.

  • Heavy duty frame
  • Twist gap adjustment
  • Tilting bowl for easy parts/media removal
  • On/Off control
  • Synchronous belt drive
  • Optimized flow geometry
  • 220V, 3 Phase
  • Analog contol panel with digital process timer, auto-reverse, variable speed via inverter, integral dosing pump, E-Stop (standard on FMSL 8TD)
  • Mobile cart with with 6 gallon recirculating compound tank
  • 110 or 220V, 1 or 3 Phase
  • Integrated ultrasonic cleaner (only with mobile cart option)
Mobile cleaner-dry cart

Mobile Clean & Dry Cart with 6 Gallon Recirculating Compound Tank

Model Length (in/cm) Width (in/cm) Height (in/cm) Volume (liters) Volume (Cu. Ft.) Bowl Dia. (in/cm) Weight (lbs) Voltage / Phase
FMSL 8T* 25/63 21/53 18.5/46 8 .28 9/22 140 110-220/1
FMSL 8TD 25 / 63 21 / 53 18.5 / 46 8 .28 9 / 22 150 110-220/1
FMSL 22T* 24/80 33/42 26/76 22 .75 14.5 185/595 220/1
FMSL 22TD 24/80 33/42 26/76 22 .75 14.5 185/595 220/1

*The FMSL 8T and FMSL 22T are  available as a basic model with 220V/3 phase with on/off only. The deluxe model comes with a timer, variable speed, and an integral dosing pump.

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