Dry Electropolish

Dlyte Desktop Dental

DLyte is revolutionizing the dry electropolishing industry with its Drylyte technology because it doesn’t use any liquid and produces a mirror-like finish. The combination of Bel Air High Energy plus Drylyte technology creates a homogeneous polishing across the surface of your parts and can process complex geometries while preserving the part’s initial shape. To see the results, send us your parts for processing.

Product Benefits:

  • Achieves homogeneous results across the surface and eliminates micro-scratches
  • Respects the tolerances and preserves the initial shape, even the cutting edges
  • Ra under 0.09 micrometers
  • Enhances negative surface skewness (rsk) which increases the surface bearing contact area (allowing uniform lubricant film distribution) improving the bearing ratio
  • Avoids grinding texture patterns, improving wear and fracture resistance, and improving fatigue resistance
  • Increases resistance to corrosion

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