Optional Accessories

Bel Air offers accessories that will help to save you time and make your tool honing experience smoother and more convenient.

Media Trolley & Spare Media Chamber​

This mobile trolley and spare media chamber can go a long way in speeding up your tool edge-prep and polishing workflow. This option allows you to slide the media chamber out of the drag finisher, and replace it with a spare media chamber. Simply roll the trolley up to the front of the machine, slide out the media chamber, reverse the trolley, then slide in the spare chamber, pre-loaded with the media for the next step or process! Save valuable time and labor with this optional feature!

The trolley is constructed of the same modular aluminum extrusion as the machine, and designed to be the perfect height for sliding out and replacing your drag finisher’s media chamber. The easy-glide rail system and heavy-duty locking casters enable easy swap.

Spare Media Chamber

Spare media chambers are an extremely convenient option if your process requires more than one type of media. Pre-load the spare chamber with the media for the next process step, and swap out the chamber in the machine. This will save you time over emptying and reloading a single chamber. Bel Air’s media chambers are constructed of high-quality stainless steel with welded seams, and are designed for optimal flow, ease of cleaning, and change-out.

Process Indicating Stack Light

This option provides a visual indication of the current machine and process status, giving the operator freedom to move about the work cell, while still being able to monitor the process. If an error should occur, it will be easily spotted. Will also indicate the process is done and ready for another batch. The three lights come in red, green, and amber, and the component comes pre-mounted to the machine control panel. 24V LED lights are long lasting, and have minimal energy costs.

Maxi-Drive™ System

The Maxi-Drive package provides for the ultimate in process control and versatility. This package consists of a second gear-motor that provides independent directional and speed control of the process heads. Having this option allows for the capability to process a wider range of cutting tools and inserts, with the ability to process to very exacting standards with great reproducibility. Package includes the gear-motor and modifications to the machine controls to allow for the independent setting of the parameters.

Programmable Recipe

The Programmable Recipe option allows you to save 99 process recipes/programs, allowing for exact reproducibility of processes. Password input functions are present to help prevent unauthorized changes to process parameters.

Dust Master Package

All Bel Air drag finishers are sealed, and can be connected to a dust collection system. You can connect to your existing dust collection system or our own DustMaster collection system.

The DustMaster features a heavy-duty 3 HP motor that packs 1300 CFM of collection power, and is able to accommodate multiple machines. This stand-alone unit comes with 30 filter bags, for a total of over 180 sq. ft. of filter area. The foot pedal shake-down feature assists in cleaning out the bags, and the ultra-weave cotton sateen bag filters trap particles down to 1/3 micron in size.

The unit’s heavy wall construction ensures maximum suction, low noise, and vibration. Stack-on silencers are included, for the ultimate in noise reduction. All surfaces come with a durable powder coat finish. Both smaller and larger DustMaster units are also available.