Horizontal Drag Finisher

Hoizontal Drag Finisher, Deburr and Polish Long Parts

Brochure Download

Brochure Download

The HDF 2000 and HDF 4000 are available in a batch unit configurations, or a semi-automated version that includes indexing load/unload, as pictured on the front cover. The adjustable tail stock mechanism allows for a part range of 2″ – 48″ in length, providing for a machine that is fully scalable to your requirements. Up to ten individual parts may be processed at one time. Even with the batch machine, load/unload is a one-hand operation as the part is released via a foot-pedal.

The machine features a Color Touch-Screen and Digital PLC as Standard Equipment, and makes easy work of setting the machine parameters. The machine turret rotates, as well as each of the ten individual work holding chucks, providing for maximum process times. A stack-light tower to monitor machine status is also standard.

The machine frame is constructed of welded heavy-duty structural steel members, painted for durability. Machine cladding is of heavy powder-coat steel plate, and aluminum extrusion. The machine cover, air operated, is heavy see-through Lexan for operator safety. A light curtain and safety inter-locks are included for additional operator safety.

Suitable For Many Parts Including

  • Gas, Steam & Jet Engine Turbine Parts
  • Rifle Barrels, Scopes and Frames
  • Augers
  • Automotive Steering Rack Components
  • Large Cutting Tools

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