Centrifugal Disc Finisher 60 & 120 Liter

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Brochure Download

The FMSL 60 and FMSL 120 are single or multi-chamber high-energy centrifugal disc finishers that are perfect for precision deburring of stamped or machined parts. The FMSL 60 can be configured for 1, 2, or 3  60-liter processing chambers and the FMSL 120 can be configured with 1 or 2 processing chambers.

These models include integrated screening, re-loading systems with interchangeable inserts, a touchscreen panel, an integral dosing pump, and a tilting bowl for easy unloading. The machines excel in finishing conventional materials (such as brass, copper, steel, aluminum) and alloys (such as Kovar, Inconel, stainless steel, titanium, plastic and all other 3D printed materials). The FMSL Series dramatically reduces cycle times by 90% compared to normal for deburring cycles. This efficient centrifugal disc finisher can deburr or polish flat parts with a 0.012″ material thickness and hollow parts with wall thickness as low as 0.003″.

It is a low-maintenance centrifugal disc finisher that is easy to use and has field replaceable wear parts. The FMSL Series is ideal for the automotive, firearms and most other industries. If you are unsure what the perfect media is to achieve your desired surface finish, then send us your part, and we will evaluate it free-of-charge and provide you with a metrology report.

FMSL 60-Cent Disc Finisher

Centrifugal Disc Finisher FMSL 60/1

Centrifugal Disc Finisher, Separator used for parts and media

Optional Separator in Reload Position

Centrifugal Disc Finisher, Separator used for parts and media

Optional Separator in Unload Position

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