FMCB-SS Centrifugal Barrel Finishers

SS Series Centrifugal Barrel Machine, Deburring and Surface Improvements

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Brochure Download

Bel Air’s FMCB-SS centrifugal barrel finishers are the most advanced and economical centrifugal barrel systems in the industry. Standard features include intuitive digital PLC touchscreen controls, all stainless steel frame, components, and cladding for maximum durability and resistance to corrosive chemicals, and hinged hexagonal barrels with clamps, for optimal operator convenience.

The simple design makes our FMCB-SS machines user-friendly and easy to maintain. The system incorporates a direct drive mechanism, which generates high G-forces, resulting in shorter processing times.

Our machines are designed for safety and ease of use, with an intuitive PLC operator interface, parts/media separation, variable frequency drive, accurate jog controls, short cycle times, and consistent results.

The stainless steel machine cladding allows for easy cleanup, and eliminates the messy look of scratched and peeling paint. A disposable and easily replaceable automatic lubricating system is provided on each bearing in the drive system, ensuring consistently smooth operation. Our FMCB-SS centrifugal barrel finishers are UL approved, and meet ANSI/NFPA 70 and NFPA 79 codes.

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