Ball Burnishers

The most efficient and nonabrasive method to harden surfaces is ball burnishing.

A mass of steel balls is placed in a vibrating bowl, a rotating sextagon, or an octagonal drum filled with a lubricant of soapy water; the part(s) is set amongst the steel balls. When the containers vibrate or rotate, the steel balls hammer the components being processed, hardening the surfaces on all sides simultaneously.

Ball burnishing is a perfect process for plated or polished components.

If you are unsure what equipment and media you require to achieve your desired surface finish, then send us your part, and we will evaluate it free-of-charge and provide you with a metrology report.



A stainless steel Brunimat rolling burnisher made by Bel Air Finishing used to polish metals (Goliath 2000 Burnisher)

(Replacement for the Brunitec GOLIATH 2000)
This unique burnisher is small, compact and mobile. Exclusive to Bel Air, this machine was proven in testing to be one of the most effective metal burnishers on the market. The machine includes a unique sorting basket that will unload small parts easily.

FM-BIS Series

Vibratory Burnishers

Vibratory Tumbler, internal separation model, heavy duty

Available in 3.0 – 20 cu ft capacities, these vibratory burnishers have internal separation, and all the powder to use steel burninshing media.

FMCB Mini Hoppa Series

Centrifugal Barrel Finisher, 4 barrel for precision deburring and polishing

This compact stainless steel vertical centrifugal barrel finisher has two or four 0.13 cu. ft. removable polyurethane drums with easy unload/load covers, for a total capacity of 0.26 or 0.52 cu. ft. A digital PLC control panel comes standard with every Mini Hoppa.

FinishMaster BIS Series
– Internal Separation Models

Vibratory Tumbler, internal separation model, heavy duty

These economical internal separation bowl machines are versatile, heavy-duty, low cost and will turn steel process media. They are available in in sizes from 3.0 – 30.0 CU CT capcities and include variable speed control via frequency inverter as standard equipment. Bowls are lined with high-wearing durable hot-poured urethane. Internal sepration is acheived via use of a removable, changable screen deck and include manual scren dam.

8 and 22 Liter

FMSL 8/ 3 Centrifugal Disc Finisher

The FMSL 8 and FMSL 22 are singe or multi-chamber high-energy centrifugal disc finishers that are perfect for precision deburring of stamped or machined parts. It can be configured for 1, 2, or 3 processing chambers and excels in finishing conventional materials (such as brass, copper, steel, aluminum) and alloys (such as Kovar, Inconel, stainless steel, titanium, plastic, and all other 3D printed materials).

FMBB-1 EconoVibe

1.0 cu ft.

Vibratory tumbling machine, economical model, 1.0 cubic foot

The most economical 1.0 CU FT. vibratory machine in its class. This well-constructed floor model machine features a curved wall 90 durometer hot-poured urethane lined batch bowl that is capable of turning steel media. Other features include an 1800 RPM direct drive 1 HP motor with variable speed control