Aluminum handgun frame before


Aluminum handgun frame after



Remove machining lines and prepare for coating; Demonstrate how to automate the mass finishing system.

Part DescriptionPistol frame
Fabrication MethodCNC Machine
Process TechnologyDeBurr and Surface Prep
Equipment TypeReverse Drag Finisher

Bel Air has established a finishing Takt time for all the components and subsequently designed and installed a complete system that starts with the high energy deburring system coming right of the machining center and progressing to cleaning, shot blasting and laser engraving.

In order to work this closely with all projects in this industry,  We applied and were granted a Federal Firearms License (FFL).   This FFL allows us to work on any serialized components to help improve efficiencies for all of our firearms customers.

If you are unsure what equipment and media you require to achieve your desired surface finish, then send us your part, and we will evaluate it and provide you with a metrology report.