Centrifugal disc finishing is versatile and can work with a wide range of parts, but its suitability depends on factors like size, shape, material, and desired finish. Here are some examples of parts that thrive with this method:

By Size:

  • Small parts: Ideally suited for parts ranging from millimeters to several centimeters, like jewelry components, medical implants, watch parts, electronic components, and small machined parts.
  • Medium-sized parts: Can handle parts up to around 10-15 centimeters, such as cutlery, surgical instruments, automotive components, and small machined or cast parts.
  • Limited value on Large bulky parts

By Shape:

  • Complex shapes: Works well with intricate shapes that have internal channels, sharp edges, or delicate features, like valves, turbine blades, orthopedic implants, and intricate machined parts.
  • Flat parts: Ideal for smoothing and polishing flat surfaces of plates, blades, or electronic components.

By Material:

  • Metals: Suitable for a wide range of metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, and alloys. Effective for deburring, polishing, and radiusing edges.
  • Plastics: Can handle various plastics like nylon, ABS, acrylic, and polycarbonate. Good for deburring, smoothing, and achieving a high gloss finish.
  • Ceramics: Useful for finishing ceramic parts like dental implants, electronic components, and decorative pieces. Can remove flash, smooth surfaces, and improve surface texture.
  • Glass: Can be used for deburring and polishing glass components like lenses, vials, and optical components. Requires careful selection of media and compounds to avoid scratching.

By Desired Finish:

  • Deburring: Excellent for removing burrs and sharp edges from machined, stamped, or cast parts.
  • Polishing: Can achieve a high-quality mirror finish on various materials.
  • Radiusing: Effective for rounding sharp edges and improving overall surface smoothness.
  • Cleaning: Can be used for removing light surface contaminants, oils, and oxides.

Examples of industries and applications:

  • Jewelry: Polishing gemstones, deburring and finishing metal components.
  • Medical: Finishing surgical instruments, dental implants, and other medical devices.
  • Aerospace: Deburring and polishing aircraft components, engine parts, and sensors.
  • Automotive: Finishing engine components, transmission parts, and decorative exterior pieces.
  • Electronics: Deburring and polishing circuit boards, electronic connectors, and components.

Please consult with a Bel Air finishing expert to assess the suitability of your specific parts and desired finish for centrifugal disc finishing. Our team  can help you choose the right media, compounds, and process parameters for optimal results.