1. Vertical Drag Finishers: 

Number of Heads: 2 to 6 heads, offering varying batch processing capabilities.

Capacity: Varies depending on the model and tooling, typically ranging from a few kilograms to tens of kilograms per batch.


  • Programmable controls for process parameters like cycle time, media speed, and direction.
  • Easy loading and unloading of parts through individual fixtures.
  • Chamber-Lift™ technology for simplified media changes and cleaning.
  • Optional features like automatic media top-up and separation systems.

2. Horizontal Drag Finisher: 

Capacity: Designed for continuous processing of small parts, with variable feed rates to suit production needs.


  • Conveyor belt system for continuous part feeding and discharge.
  • Adjustable arm for processing parts of varying lengths.
  • Programmable controls for speed, direction, and cycle times.
  • Optional features like automated part loading and unloading systems.

3. Reverse Drag Finishers (Spindle Finishers and Stream Finishers): 

Capacity: Varies depending on the model and size of the arm, typically handling individual parts or small batches.


  • Spindle rotation for part movement combined with drag finishing action.
  • High media speeds for achieving superior surface finishes.
  • Faster processing times compared to traditional drag finishing.
  • Optional features like automated part loading and unloading systems.

4. Automated Drag Finishing Systems: 

Customization: Can be designed to integrate with existing production lines and specific part handling requirements.

Capacity: High-volume processing capabilities depending on the system configuration.


  • Robotic loading and unloading for increased automation and process efficiency.
  • Automated media handling systems for consistent media levels and separation.
  • Integrated process control systems for precise parameter control and data logging.

Consulting with Bel Air Finishing directly is recommended to determine the most suitable machine for your specific application and part requirements.

Why choose Bel Air Finishing’s Drag Finisher family of machines?

  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Bel Air builds machines based upon your specific needs
  • Preventative maintenance service is part of Bel Air’s offering
  • Process Technology is a part of Bel Air’s offering
  • Media is manufactured by Bel Air based on your parts finish, specifically