Bel Air Finishing offers several types of drag finishing machines, each catering to different needs and production volumes:

1. Vertical Drag Finishers:

Available in various configurations, ranging from 2 to 6 heads, offering flexibility for different batch sizes. Well-suited for:

  • Deburring and polishing cutting tools like drills, taps, and end mills.
  • Finishing medical and pharmaceutical parts like pill punches.
  • Processing smaller, intricate components.

2. Horizontal Drag Finisher: 

  • Unique to the industry, design and built for firearms manufacturers Leupold and Storm Range
  • Designed for continuous, high-volume production of lengthy parts that are not applicable to the standard vertical drag finisher.
  • Features a conveyor belt continuously feeding parts into the finishing process.

Ideal for:

  • Large quantities of uniform parts requiring consistent finishing.
  • Applications demanding high throughput.

3. Reverse Drag Finishers (Spindle Finishers and Stream Finishers): 

Utilize a unique technology where the part spins while being dragged through the media, creating a continuous “stream” of media contact.


  • Unique to the industry, design and built for aerospace blisk manufacturer
  • Superior surface quality and edge finishing.
  • Faster processing times compared to traditional drag finishing.
  • Well-suited for applications requiring exceptional surface refinement.

4. Automated Drag Finishing Systems:

  • Unique to the industry to automate cutting too edge prep and polishing
  • Can be customized to integrate with existing production lines.
  • Include features like robotic loading and unloading, automated media handling, and process control systems.

Ideal for:

  • High-volume, automated production environments.
  • Demanding applications requiring consistent and repeatable finishing results.

Additional Considerations: 

  • Each type of machine comes with varying capacities, features, and automation levels.
  • Bel Air Finishing also offers “Tool Series” drag finishers, pre-configured with specific tooling for cutting tool applications.

By understanding the different types of drag finishing machines manufactured by Bel Air Finishing, you can select the most suitable option for your specific part requirements, production volume, and budget.