Ceramic Media Information and Specs

Ceramic media used for finishing parts

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Manufactured to our own formulated specifications, containing only the finest raw materials available. Low density media is used within the metal industry for surface preparation and improvement on most metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, and zinc as well as plastic. Low density media will reduce distortion, impingement and burr roll-over while producing excellent finishes prior to plating and/or painting. Fine finishes as well as aggressive cutting can be achieved.

Standard Compositions

A3Coloring Abrasive. It is sintered ceramic tumbling nugget with exceptional properties: hard, durable , and extremely dense. Principally used in burnishing applications, can also be used for light burr removal, radius formation, and is an effective driver for loose abrasives in cut and color operations. A3’s hardness, toughness and fine crystalline structure make it one of the best products available for developing lustrous, high color burnish on all types of ferrous metals, brass, and aluminum. Porcelain (140 lbs./cubic ft.)
APreformed version of A3; it has the exact finishing characteristics A3 is known to provide. Ideal for the development of a high color burnish, light burr removal, radius formation, and driving loose abrasives. (140 lbs./ cubic ft.)
A+An extremely hard, fine grained, abrasive-free ceramic media. Most common applications for A+ include: burnishing (with proper compound), polishing, light deburring, and drive loose abrasives. It is a proven choice for use in chemically accelerated processes due to its exceptional impact resistance. (85 lbs./cubic ft.)
BAn aluminum oxide based ceramic media that is versatile for general purpose and mildly abrasive mass finishing. This media can offer a low wear rate with a reasonable metal removal rate. Typically used for mild deburring on metals and plastics, and for burnishing (with proper compound). It can also be used in place of plastic media for parts that are to be anodized or can be used on parts prior to brazing. (85 lbs./ cubic ft.)
CA fine grain aluminum oxide based ceramic media product that provides a smooth finish while still allowing for fast metal removal with medium wear. Used in high performance cutting, deburring, and surface improvement. It produces a fine finish on all softer metals including aluminum die castings. (95 lbs./ cubic ft.)
DAn aluminum oxide based ceramic media that offers efficient and fast-cutting capabilities. This bonding formulation utilizes a high concentration of aluminum oxide blends which results in a low media wear rate. It can be used in all types of mass finishing equipment and has excellent wear characteristics, even when used in high energy machines, For use on all metals where fast stock removal is required. (100 lbs./cubic ft.)
D+An extremely fast cutting, aluminum oxide based ceramic media that provides a fine finish with maximum metal removal in a minimal amount of time. Used for all metals where fast stock removal is required. It can also be used for radiusing, deburring, and surface improvement. (100 lbs./cubic ft.)

High Density Compositions

B-HDA high density abrasive free media utilizing a similar composition to our A3. Ideal for chemically accelerated processes, it is available in preforms for applications where size and shape are critical. It is an excellent choice for low surface finished, burnishing or as a driver, or for loose abrasive. (120 lbs./cubic ft.)
C-HDAn aggressive, aluminum oxide based formula that creates a high density and low wear characteristics in applications where chemical accelerants are not used. Typically used on tough aerospace alloys such as titanium because of its excellent metal cut. (120-150 lbs./cubic ft.)
D-HDAn aluminum oxide based ceramic media that is tough, fast cutting, longer wearing, and efficient media with high density. An aggressive media known for quick metal removal and best applied where short cycle times are required. It is typically used in large vibratory applications and high energy equipment. (110 lbs./cubic ft.)

Silicon Carbide Compositions

EA finely graded silicon carbide based ceramic media that is relatively fast wearing and fast cutting. Especially suited for materials to be welded, brazed, or soldered where exposure to fused aluminum oxide can not be tolerated. (85 lbs./cubic ft.)
E+Uses a proprietary fused zirconia abrasive specially formulated for maximum cutting ability. The harder alloy, the more it separates itself from standard products. It also has very low attrition rate for a media this aggressive. Also used for materials to be welded, brazed or soldered. (105 lbs./cubic ft.)