Bel Air Finishing Supply is a trusted and top service provider for the 3D printing industry. With a wide array of technologies and industry knowledge available, Bel Air can offer manufacturers with post processing services for their parts. Our current services can be  divided into five major categories.

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Bel Air Finishing Offers Five Categories of services

Surface Finishing, Electroplating, Coating, Dyeing, and Surface Metrology services are the five pillars of Bel Air’s services.

Diagram Showing that Bel Air Finishing offers Surface Finishing, Coating, Electroplating, Dyeing, and Surface Metrology services



Surface Finishing

When it comes to surface finishing, Bel Air is the expert. We can offer finishing solutions catered to any part requirement/material. The processing lab has a huge selection of finishing machines available including disk finishers, tumblers, vibratory tumblers, drag finishers, and magnetic pin finishers.


Bel Air’s state of the art electroplating facility provides depositions of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), silver (Ag), Gold (Au), and Palladium (Pd). Bel Air is also able to test parts and help determine the best method of electroplating for your parts. See a few examples parts we plated.

Nylon parts that are 3D printed


Bel Air is able to dye sample parts, with a focus on providing equipment and services for the AM nylon sector. Automated & semi-automated systems are available for dyeing HP PA-11 & PA-12, as well as other 3D plastics.

Surface Metrology

Bel Air is able to offer accurate metrics of surface roughness in order to help manufacturers achieve their ideal finish. We can also quantify the exact quality of your current finish.