Southern Manufacturing Technologies of Tampa sought a solution to elevate their deburring process for a line of high-end aerospace components and manifolds. Turning to our expertise, we introduced a tailored cellular deburring system, leveraging the efficiency of a centrifugal disc machine. The result? A streamlined operation that can be positioned right at the machining center for the machine operator to control, executing one piece flow with the capacity of 12 pieces per hour. By eliminating the majority of manual labor and ensuring repeatability, SMT Tampa now enjoys significant time and cost savings, on parts with consistent impeccable finishes, setting a new benchmark for excellence in their craft.

We are happy to have assisted SMT in their work and we look forward to a continued partnership with them for years to come. At Bel Air, we don’t just build and sell machines, we assist our clients on their relentless pursuit of improving their production processes.