A fellow Rhode Island family business, how could we not be excited to partner with MAGSEAL?!

MAGSEAL was founded in 1954 by George E. Colby and Robert L. Stevenson who patented the first magnetically energized rotary seal, patent number 2843403 in 1958. Today, the company remains under the ownership of the Colby family and is routinely applying its technology and advancing the state of the art in advanced power systems applied in aerospace and in high precision applications.

Bel Air Finishing supplied them with a centrifugal disc finisher (FMLS22/3), and paired it with our highly touted fully automated inline tumbling waste water treatment system (WTS150), to create a deburring cell with seamless workflow in their production. A focus for MAGSEAL was freeing up personnel’s time for more important tasks, and that is what this system does.  The goal on these high-end products was to deliver a uniform, burr free edge with a break of .005-.010”, while removing the manual labor from their production process.

Our established workflow provides that but also has added benefits, which include: improving the uniformity of their precision part, reducing processing time, reducing labor cost, reducing their part rejection percentage, all while adding to the capacity/throughput of their production.

We are happy to team up with MAGSEAL as we both push the Rhode Island Manufacturing scene forward with detailed, innovative, and forward-thinking products and services! We see the future potential for automation on a few other processes that we will work together on. Stay tuned!