Bel Air’s own Steven Alviti JR and Jim Jennings were recently featured on the Techshift podcast hosted by Dillan Drake from Phillips Federal

In this episode (6), the Bel Air team dives into what is understood to be a simple and overlooked topic, “Surface Finishing”. During our discussion we breakdown the different post-processing methods leading to dramatic increases in part performance and reliability. Listen close as our team pulls back the veil of surface finishing’s best-kept secrets!

tech shiftTechSHIFT provides educational mind-broadening discussions on the evolution of advanced manufacturing. Your host, Product Manager for Phillips Federal Dillan Drake, talks with special guests, as well as leading private organizations, who provide real-life examples of how manufacturing technologies are affecting the federal marketplace. From supply chain to cutting-edge technologies to government policies, find out how these decision-makers are helping the world transition into the next industrial revolution! Click the image to listen to the entire series!