our client with their drag finisher for honing cutting tools

KV Tooling visited the Bel Air Finishing Facility to pick up their new drag finisher for delivering a nice edge prep on their reground tools.

Our friend and colleague Brian Beland from KV Tooling stopped by to pick up a new Drag Finisher this week!

KV prides itself on providing the finest quality carbide and HSS cutting tools. As a custom tool manufacturer they work with clients to save them money in real time with expert tool design capabilities. They also work as a regrind shop with sharpening services.

Proper maintenance of your cutting, drilling and milling tools will enable:
-increased productivity
-longer tool life
-longer machine life
-best quality product

Edge preparation is a critical process in the manufacturing of a cutting tool. Time and time again drag finishing outperforms brush honing, showcasing better yields in all 4 of the above categories.

Please reach out if your regrind shop is looking for some edge prep equipment!