Bone screws are implanted into patients’ bodies with broken bones and require rigorous deburring and polishing to ensure a smooth healing process for patients. These parts must be thoroughly deburred and polished, with no damage to the threads of bone screws. Within the course of 52 years of mass finishing experience, Bel Air has developed ideal finishing solutions for bone screws, validated by customers from all over the world.

Bel Air has designed several systems to take the tedious handwork from bone screw deburring. There are several benefits to using Bel Air Equipment and Process Technology for bone screw deburring such as consistency, accuracy, and controllability, labor & scrap savings.

We can provide a total system that includes the equipment, process media, and process technology, or a complete turn-key system that comprises all of those, plus an integrated cellular system that incorporates cleaning.

Batch/Lot Finishing Solution

Centrifugal disc finishing technology enables deburring and polishing into grooves and corners of intricate parts that conventional vibratory or tumbling cannot reach. High-energy finishing is possible, using the smallest of finishing media, with a flow-through compound system. Bel Air Finishing’s

Titanium medical bone screws

Titanium Bone Screws Deburred with FMSL 8/2 Centrifugal Disc

industry-leading high-energy centrifugal disc finishers are ideal for precision deburring, polishing, and surface finishing of bone screws, with up to 90% faster process times, than low-energy deburring tumblers.

Bone Screw Cell Setup

Automated Finishing Solution

The Bel Air AutoHone is a robotic reverse drag finishing machine for deburring and polishing. In the reverse drag finishing process, process media moves at a high rate of speed, causing the finishing media to “stream” across the workpiece. When the stream hits the workpiece, it produces a high-energy “wave” similar to a wave in the ocean. This process, when used with the infinite degree of part articulation provided by the AutoHone, allows for an even, quick, and repeatable process for deburring and polishing of bone screws.

Automated Drag Finisher Used For Deburring, Honing, and Polishing of parts


This method provides decreased process times over other equipment when used for deburring and polishing bone screws. Process times can be as short as five seconds, and the AutoHone allows for a completely automated process, requiring virtually no operator involvement.

Special Media

Dry polishing media, improves rough surfaces and achieves a high polish

Special Media and processes have been developed to eliminate tedious hand deburring of bone screws of all geometries.