Mr. Primo Tallarida founded Stoughton Tool & Die, Inc. in 1953. He led the business through 32 years of growth and definition catering to the defense and aerospace industries. In 1985 he turned the reins over to his sons Steven and Jon who renamed the business STD Manufacturing, Inc. In 1990 the company became an emerging leader in the development, manufacture and assembly of medical devices. January of 2015 the company honored its founder by renaming itself Primo Medical Group. The company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has earned it a strong reputation in the industry.

Scott Labelle, a production leader at Primo Medical, has been actively trying to get some machine finishing for his company, where they are currently still hand finishing pieces, as they have always. Together, we spent years navigating a path that worked for them, so that they can finish their parts using automation. This project mirrored their commitment to innovation and improvement, helping them have a quicker, more efficient and repeatable process.

Primo Medical Components Finished

Finished Primo Medical Parts

The collaboration between Primo Medical and Bel Air Finishing has the potential to have a transformative impact on the medical device industry. Moreover, the combined expertise of Primo Medical and Bel Air Finishing can contribute to raising the quality standards in the medical device industry. Using Bel Air’s advanced surface finishing machinery, and Primo’s expertise in their own product, reassuring they are well-positioned to address the increasing demand for high-quality, reliable, and safe medical devices.

Yes, it was a long road, but we are always here for all our partners, no matter how engaging their process may be. We are happy to help out Primo Medical, appreciate them as business partners, and look forward to this partnership going forward!