Karl Storz SE & Co. Kg is a German medical device company that manufactures and sells endoscopes and surgical instruments. It was founded in Tuttlingen by Dr. Karl Storz in 1945. The company is 100% family owned; Storz’ daughter, Sybill, took over running the company after Storz died in 1996. As of today, they employ around 8,800 people worldwide and had annual sales of around 2.05 billion euros (2022).

Among many great medical inventions/advancements, their company was one of the first to introduce an endoscope that delivered light using fiber optics, in 1960. They also licensed the patent for the Hopkins Rod Lens System and introduced endoscopes including such lenses in 1965.

Karl Storz Medical tool

(Pictured: Karl Storz part before and after finishing)

They have a US subsidiary called Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc. that was founded in 1971. We are excited to share with you that we recently hosted a team from Karl Storz Endo at the Bel Air Finishing facility in North Kingstown, RI.

Kin Kwan and his team came from 3 separate facilities to Bel Air to help them improve on their finished endoscopic products. They are looking to do more of the process in house – while receiving the same or better degree of finish, where they can control the quality, and deliver a repeatable performance. We were happy to show them our equipment options, the supplies we offer, the processes provide and all the preventative maintenance & continuous improvement plans that come along with partnering with us.

Special thanks to the KS team for coming to our lab and we look forward to continuing our work with all of our partners at Karl Storz in the future.