Bel Air Finishing’s Cutting-Edge Solution for Medical Drill Bits: A Glimpse into Bel Air’s Automation Process 

Bel Air Finishing has introduced one their clients to a yet another remarkable development in their manufacturing process; the Autohone. The focus of their attention? A  high-volume production of 1/8 inch stainless steel medical twist drill bits. These precision instruments play a pivotal role in orthopedic surgery, specifically in drilling holes for bone screws. These raw tools play a major role in the medical industry  as their primary purpose is to fix bone fractures; thus the tools need to be post-processed quickly and efficiently. 

The central challenge presented by the client was the need for faster deburring and the integration of automation into their process. Bel Air Finishing rose to the occasion with the innovative AutoHone. This cutting-edge technology employs drag finishing and stream finishing to remove burrs while preserving the tool’s meticulously engineered geometry. The demonstration of the AutoHone in action(see video below)provides compelling visual evidence of its effectiveness in delivering a uniform finish to the product’s cutting edge.

A significant highlight of Bel Air’s success was their ability to achieve various levels of hones in seconds per part. The secret behind this efficiency lay in the utilization of proprietary dry tumbling medias formulated within their own facility. This automation has broad applicability as well; Bel Air’s AutoHone can extend its transformative impact beyond the medical industry to automotive, aerospace, defense, and electronics.