phillips federal

Bel Air Finishing has partnered with Phillips Corporation’s Federal Division who is the leading service provider and distributor of machines and ancillary equipment to the United States Federal Government.

Founded in 1961, Phillips Federal has performed thousands of services and has won numerous contracts for a multitude of Federal facilities.

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Partnership with University of Louisville

Bel Air Finishing Supply is a proud partner of the University of Louisville Additive Manufacturing Competency Center (AMCC), which provides training and education in additive manufacturing technologies. The AMCC provides participants with valuable knowledge specific to additive manufacturing, and is equipped with the latest in additive manufacturing equipment. Unique public/private partnerships allow the AMCC to provide education and training based on the latest advances and discoveries in AM technologies.

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Partnership with MSU Denver

Bel Air Finishing Supply is a proud partner of the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Its Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute trains the next generation of additive manufacturing professionals.

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Partnership with WPI

Bel Air Finishing Supply is also a proud partner of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, whose Integrative Materials Design Center (iMdc) and Manufacturing Engineering program train tomorrow’s innovators in the world of additive manufacturing.

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