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Bel Air Process Technology Center…

Bel Air Finishing Supply provides customers with services that include subjecting their goods to a deburring and polishing process to illustrate the surface finishing that can be attained through our expertise, processes, equipment and media.

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Prospective customers supply samples of the specific finish that needs to be achieved. The initial sampling and processing are conducted at no charge in Bel Air’s Process Technology Center.

Bel Air reserves the right to retain all information about the process, equipment and media employe until the purchase of Bel Air equipment, or Bel Air is compensated for its service and related technical information. Any charges for this service will be provided prior to work being done. Furthermore Bel Air can help during the product design phase, to pre-establish finishing procedures.

Expert Technical and Consulting Services…

If your organization already has finishing equipment, Bel Air can provide technical and consultative service at a rate based on the scope of the project.
Due to services requiring varying amounts of time, Bel Air will provide an estimate of cost in advance. Customers are require to provide samples of the specific surface finish desired in advance of any work performed.

In each case, Bel Air will provide an estimate of such costs and charges prior to work beginning.

Bel Air Service After The Sale…

Bel Air service doesn’t end with the purchase of equipment. Technical and consulting services are provided free of charge for all Bel Air equipment purchased for a period of sixty days from the date of equipment delivery.

Bel Air’s technical and consulting service is limited to the original specifications of the surface finish accepted and agreed to i advance of purchased equipment being delivered.

Additional technical or consulting services after initial sixty days following purchase, or establishing a process not originally agreed upon, will be charged at a rate to be determined and the customer will be required to pay any and all additional costs.

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Let us help you solve your mass finishing needs. We take great pride in our reputation for helping our customers find the optimum finishing solutions for a variety of different industries, materials, production processes and product finishing specifications. In jewelry finishing, metal finishing, precious metal polishing, and precious metal recovery Bel Air provides mass finishing solutions without peer.

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