Before Post-Processing

watch component before post-processing

After Post-Processing

Watch component after processing


Remove build material using a labor saving automated process.

Industry3D Printed Post Process – Plastics – Automotive
Part DescriptionAutomotive Intake Manifold
3D Printing Technology3D Plastic SLS
MaterialNylon, GF
Process TechnologyDe-Powder, Remove Build
Equipment TypeCustom Design Tumbler

Fiat Chrysler came to Bel Air with a de-powdering problem which was a bottleneck in their production of several different engine components. The production of molded parts were consuming too much hand labor along with being inconsistent. Bel Air developed a process, designed and built a custom machine to facilitate, constant, automated powder removal.

If you are unsure what equipment and media you require to achieve your desired surface finish, then send us your part, and we will evaluate it and provide you with a metrology report.