3D Post Processing Supplies

Bel Air supplies quality mass finishing supplies to support all of your post-processing needs. We sell a wide variety of products such as dyes, cleaners, wet slurry media & tumbling media.

Cleaning & Dye

3D Extreme Dyeing Agent

Post Processing Dying Agent

Bel Air’s MB-304 3D Extreme Dye is an environmentally safe agent for dyeing most types of plastic parts. The black color is especially effective for HP-PA material, as well as EOS PA material.

Rapid Resin Cleaner

post processing rapid resin cleaner liquid, 5 gallon container

A GREEN way to remove SLA resin!

Bel Air’s MB-303 Rapid Resin cleaner is an environmentally safe product. It will remove many different resin types from stereolithography (SLA) printed parts.

3D Support Cleaner & Eco Reclaim Agent

chemical tank

Bel Air MB-300 3D Support Cleaner is specifically formulated for removing Stratasys SR series support material (SR-10, SR-30, SR-100, etc.). It is recommended for use in all support removal equipment

Bel Air MB-301 Eco-Reclaim Agent is a unique product specifically designed to remove support material from a spent MB-300 3D Support Cleaner solution in those instances where removal of such material is desired

Surface Finishing

Tumbling Media

tumbling media

Compounds are an integral part of any finishing process. They are all non-hazardous liquids used in post-processing applications for tumbling and cleaning.

Water Jet Slurry Media

blasting media

Bel Air offers a variety of slurry media for our WaterJet blasting machines use in post-processing polymers and metals. Contact us for details!