Coating of 3D Printed Parts

Bel Air is a service provider for coating plastic parts, as well as electroplating. The coatings may or may not be applied to parts that have previously been surface finished using one of the processes shown in the Surface Finishing section. The examples below indicate the range of coatings currently available (note that the first letter in the designation indicates the pre-finish before coating).

Standard Coatings

The following are examples of coatings applied to 3D printed bowling pins after going through various post processes.  The coating examples shown are Satin Aluminizing after Process C, Color Coating after Process C, Aluminizing after Process C, Satin Black after Process A, and Color coating as printed.

Satin Aluminizing (CSA)

Coated 3D Plastic Part - Satin Aluminizing Coating

Aluminizing (CA)

aluminizing coating

Satin Black Coating (ASB)

color coatings

Color Coating Pre-Finish (CC)

color coating pre-finish

Color Coating Raw (RC)

Standard Coatings

Flex Coating: Lubrizol TCU Plastic

The following are examples of Lubrizol Coatings applied to 3D printed Lubrizol TCU flexible plastic.  Coatings applied are RED1, Metallic gold, and Red2.

Satin Aluminizing (CSA)

clean and color Flex MJF material

Standard Coatings

Decorative Coatings: HP PA 12

The following are examples of decorative coatings applied to PA-12 glasses frames. The coatings applied are Brown Splash and Black Splash.

Process: HP Brown

Brown Splash

3D Printed Plastic Glasses Frames Coated with Brown Splash

Process: HP Black

Black Splash

Black Splash Coated 3D Printed Plastic Glasses Frames

Clear Coatings

The following are examples of 3D printed metal & plastic parts after clear coat application.

Plastic Clear Coat (CCC)

Clear Coated American Flag Pin

Metal Clear Coat – Tinted (CCC)

Clear PVD Coated Stainless Steel