3D Post-Processing Equipment

Bel Air offers a wide array of high quality finishing equipment and supplies, allowing you to find finishing solutions that both fit your budget and meet your post processing needs. We can help you deliver the high quality finished products your company and your customers expect. Our equipment and media deliver quality results on DMLS, SLA, FMD, and all other metal and plastic additive manufacturing materials and methods.

For Build/Support Removal

FM-WJ Water Blasters

water blaster

Automated Tumbling & Blasting; No Dust with a Perfect Polish. The FM-WJ wet blaster is a must-have piece of equipment for all plastic and metal 3D post-processing

Parts Washer/Dunker

Parts Dunker

Parts Dunkers are Ideal for Use with Various 3D Resin/Build Removal Compounds. An environmentally friendly cleaning and build removal solution for Stratasys SR and various SLA plastics.

Chemical Tank

chemical tank

Covered Stainless Steel Chemical Tanks are Designed for Washing and Removal of all Build Substrates.  All units are fire reactive, with a fusable link to drop lid in event of a fire.

For Surface Improvement Metal and Plastic Parts

High Energy Centrifugal Finisher

centrifugal finisher

Centrifugal Finisher is excellent for Finishing 3D Printed Materials such as 17-4, 300 Series Stainless Steels, Aluminide, Nylons, Steel, and Aluminum as well as Alloys such as Maraging Steel, Inconel, Titanium, etc. Centrifugal disc finishing technology enables deburring into grooves and corners that conventional vibratory or tumble deburring is unable to reach.

Low Energy Vibratory Finisher

vibratory finisher

Bel Air offers a wide variety of vibratory tumblers, including our trusted FinishMaster vibratory bowls. We also have vibratory tub finishers, as well as batch bowls with internal parts/media separation, & oval vibratory finishers. These part tumblers are perfect for finishing the surface of 3D printed parts.

Dry Electro Polish Dlyte


Dlyte is revolutionizing the dry electropolishing industry because it doesn’t use any liquid and produces a mirror like finish. The combination of Bel Air High Energy plus Dlyte creates a homogeneous polishing across your parts surface and has the ability to process complex geometries while preserving the parts initial shapes.

For Cleaning, Dyeing and Coating

PA 11 & 12 Cleaning & Dyeing

automated cleaning

FM-CU2024 Automated Cleaning System is an All-in-One Solution for Your 3D Post-Processing Needs. A selection of optional features are  available, to create a workflow perfectly tailored to your needs.

Spin Coater

Parts Dunker

Centrifugal Coating Machine is Ideally Suited for Small Parts or Small Quantities of parts. It only requires a small amount of coating material and has a reusable material tank allows for dip-spinning and storage, all in one vessel.

Cleaning and Drying

chemical tank

A Complete Range of Ultrasonic Cleaning, Rinsing, and Drying Consoles in a Variety of Standard Configurations.  Components can be integrated into one convenient console unit, or separated into multiple units with separate dryers.