3D Post-Processing Cellular Set Ups

Bel Air offers a wide array of high-quality finishing equipment and supplies, allowing you to find finishing solutions that both fit your budget and meet your post-processing needs. We can help you deliver the high-quality finished products your company and your customers expect. Our equipment and media deliver quality results on DMLS, SLA, FMD, and all other metal and plastic additive manufacturing materials and methods:

  • Small Volume, Large volume, Small parts, Large parts, Plastic, Metal
  • Build Removal, High or Low Energy surface enhancements, cleaning, drying, electroplating, electropolishing

Bel Air will supply an end-to-end CUSTOM SOLUTION fitted to your needs: Design, Build, Install, Train & Service.

We Supply 3D Surface Finish Gauges Video for more Info

Cellular Systems for Post-Processing

Example: Service Provider ‘A’

service provider

Example: Service Provider ‘B’

service provider