3D Post-Processing Examples

For 50+ years, Bel Air has developed mass finishing process technology for aerospace, medical, firearms, jewelry, & other industries! Our deburring, surface finishing, & polishing solutions include vibratory tumbling, high-energy centrifugal finishing, drag finishing & much more.

When we process your parts in our lab at no charge, we will measure the surface before and after the process, using our non-contact 3D scanning white light interferometry. You will receive a Bel Air metrology report, which illustrates the 3D image of the surface before and after processing including the Ra and Sa measurements.

Once you are satisfied we will quote equipment, media and compound required to replicate this process. After the sale, we continue to support our customers with media, compound, replacement parts, service and when new projects arise they can send us parts and we will provice a recipe at no charge.

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Process Technology Examples

3D Metal


3D printed aerospace part, nut, after

3D Plastic


3D Printed Part

Video: Mass-Finishing 101