Waste Water Treatment Equipment

Bel Air Finishing offers several different Waste Water Treatments System to choose from, based on the type of waste water being treated.


We offer our small and compact AquaSafe™ flocculent based systems for the streatment of small batches at the machining center, to large scale semi-atuomated systems for centralized large volume processing. These systems can be closed-looped, which reduces the amount of water used and can eliminate the need for waste water permitting and regulation. Click here to learn about the AquaSafe™ treatment technology and equipment.


In addition, several sizes of Ultrafiltration units are available, from small portable systems, to large pallet-mounted systems for large scale processing and recycling of coolants, ultrasonic cleaning fluids, and more. These systems typically recover up to 98% of the effluent, yielding dramatic savings in chemicals, and reducing the amount of hazardous materials that must be disposed of.


Bel Air Finishing offers several sizes and variations of manual batch & automated continuous Centrifuges that are used to spin out solids from various types of effluent, such as vibratory, coolants, and cutting and grinding applications. In some cases, these units can be coupled with other waste water treatment systems that would allow for the draining of process effluent directly to sewer or drain.