Vibratory Cob Meal Dryers

Heated Cob Meal Dryer

FM-CD Series Heated Cob Meal Parts Dryers 4-28 Cubic Foot Models

Machine Design

  • Conduction Heated Cob Dryer has a wide U-shaped process channel of heavy steel construc-tion. It is mounted on a rigid, round base and suspended with heavy-duty springs. An internal separation system allows fro the easy separation of parts from the media.
  • All Welded Construction: The process chamber is an interlocking steel weldment. Center tube, bowl bottom, internal cone style gussets, and outer wrap materials are heavy-duty steel plate. The machine base is round with an upper spring mounting ring and a lower mounting ring for the three heavy steel feet. Feet extend outside of the main circumference of the base.
  • Conduction Heating System: Produces constant and even heat. No possibility of fire or burns to the operator. No hot spots from ceramic heaters, no extreme localized heat requiring a cool down after process is finished.
  • Cartridge Drive System: The drive shaft and bearings are mounted in a one piece, solid steel tube with bearing retainers at each end. Oil seals are shft mounted to eliminate wearing grooves in the shaft. The cartridge is mounted in the processing tub using a tapered socket and wedge bolts. It can easily be removed using normal maintenance tools..
  • Lubrication System: A low-pressure oil pump is provided which provides lubrication to the main shaft bearings. A dual pressure switch system monitors the oil pump.

Standard Features

  • Parts Load Chute: Parts loading is accomplished by use of a built-in loading chute located under the separating screen deck. The chute has a UHMW polyethylene liner on the bottom.
  • Heating System: The machine is heated with a Conduction Fluid heater, which heats a fluid that is circulated in a sealed layer on the bottom of the finishing chamber. This innovative system eliminates the exposed ceramic heaters of the past that can burn the operator, and all combus-tible materials (cob dust) to come in contact with an ignition source.
  • Electrical Controls: Standard equipment includes: an ON/OFF vibratory control enclosure, 115-volt control circuit, and overload motor protection. Available in either 230/3/60 or 460/3/60. Available as optional equipment: Digital Process Timer, IEC free standing pedestal mounted con-trol enclosure or NEMA free standing pedestal mounted control enclosure.

Optional Equipment

  • Bypass Gate: To facilitate batch processing a gate can be installed to divert the mass around the machine for multiple pass drying.
  • Sound/Dust Cover Hood: A soft EASRSAVER suspended cover is furnished. We also offer a cov-er crane to suspend the cover, for applications without a crane the customer must provide a structure to suspend the cover.
  • Dust Collection System: A 100 CFM, 30 bag Dust Collector is integrated with the sound enclo-sure hood. Electrical controls are integrated with the Dryer Control Panel. Requires purchase of a hood.
MODEL CU FT Lube Diameter U-Width Total Height Deck Height HP
FM-CD-4 G 4 Grease 37 11 35 31 1.5
FM-SD-7 G 7 Grease 49 13 40 34 5.0
FM-CD-7 7 Oil 49 13 40 34 5.0
FM-CD-14 14 Oil 61 17 45 38 7.5
FM-CD-28 28 Oil 73 21 48 41 10.0