Wet & Dry Blasting Equipment

Water Jet Information

Bel Air Finishing Water Jet Technology

A wet surface treatment process which cleans, descales, and degreases in a single operation without chemicals or solvents. A pressurized blasting mixture of water and abrasive media treats the part surface by scrubbing rather than impinging and impact, without changing close tolerance dimensions. The pressure blast process is the preferred method or preparing metal, plastic, and composite surfaces in the numerous industries, such as: Aerospace, Plating, Electronics, and more!

    Standard Features

  • All welded stainless steel construction
  • Safety interlock blast system
  • Large view window with foot-operated wash
  • Filtered cabinet exhaust system
  • Regulator w/gauge for variable air pressure
  • Suction gun & pump gun system available
  • Fluorescent lighting of cabinet interior
  • Coated Interior work table
  • Water rinse & air blow off nozzle included

    Optional Equipment

  • Turntable - Manual or motorizes. Built in or removable. Available in sizes ranging from 12" diameter to 72" diameter
  • Rinse Stand - Left or right side mounted. All welded stainless steel construction.
  • Rollo-Table w/ load end & rinse stand - Stainless steel rail system w/drip pan mounted on left or right side. Dolly cart mounted on rails supports turntable and extends into blast cabinet.
  • Closed Circuit filtration & recirculating rinse system - Allows ecxess water to flow out of the machine, thru a series of cascade tanks, to a water filter, and clean water returned to the machine.
Model Dimensions
(D x W x H)
Total Air
Electrical Suction Pressure Basket
FM-WJ Mini 24" X 20" X 24" 10 X 12 40-60 cfm
@ 80 psi
FM-WJ Mini-T 30" X 20" X 24" 10 X 12 40-60 cfm
@ 80 psi
FM-WJ25 20" X 22" X 68" 16 X 17 40-60 cfm
@ 80 psi
FM-WJ33-1 33" X 33" X 92" 22 X 22 40-60 cfm
@ 80 psi
115v/220v Optional
FM-WJ33-2 33" X 33" X 92" 22 X 22 40-60 cfm
@ 80 psi
115v/220v Optional
FM-WJ36-2 36" X 36" X 92" 24 X 24 40 cfm
@ 80 psi
115v/220v Optional
FM-WJ45-2 50" X 40" X 103" 29 X 29 40 cfm
@ 80 psi
115v/220v Optional
FM-WJ65-2 60" X 50" X 104" 40 X 40 40 cfm
@ 80 psi
115v/220v Optional

Dry Blast Information

Mini Blast Tumble Cabinet


This mini tumble blast cabinet is constructed of heavy reinforced fiberglass with precision ground stainless steel bars and features 2 speeds. Variable speed is available also.

A variety of barrel sizes can be used (sold separatly), and is shown here with two TL-2 Barrels.

Standard voltage is 110V 60 Hz, and can be ordered with 220V 50 Hz, Single Phase as well.


FMB-161 39 12 18 2 120V/1 Phase