Aerospace Process Examples

Description Machined Housing
Material Aluminum
Objective Deburr edges
Machine Type FinishMaster Vibratory Finisher

Description Electronics Package - Aircraft
Material Aluminum
Objective Deburring cut-out edges
Machine Type FMRD 48 Reverse Drag Finisher

Description Engine Compressor Disc
Material Inconel
Objective Refurbish
Machine Type Brunimat Roll Burnisher

Description Aircraft Housing
Material Aluminum
Objective Reduce hand deburring and improve quality of O-ring edge prep, Cellular
Machine Type FMSL 60/1 Centrifugal Disc Finisher

Description Fuel Cell Component
Material Stainless Steel
Objective Deburring of 6 small holes
Machine Type FMSL 8 Centrifugal Disc Finisher

Description Turbine Blade
Material Inconel
Objective Superpolish
Machine Type Alternative methods

Description Turbine Compressor Blank
Material Stainless steel
Objective Deburr prior to other ops
Machine Type FMRD Reverse Drag Finisher

Description Compressor Blade
Material A-Series
Objective Ultrapolish
Machine Type Alternative methods

Description Valve Component
Material Titanium
Objective Deburr, one piece flow
Machine Type FMSL 22/1 Centrifugal Disc Finisher

Description Compressor Turbine Disc
Material Inconel
Objective Controlled deburr on slots
Machine Type Proprietary

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